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BusinessGood to see ACMA cracking down on rogue telcos
November 6, 2019

Good to see ACMA cracking down on rogue telcos not anywhere near this list of bad boys... Now, ACMA, please do something about the backlog of port away requests from Telstra et al. Currently at 84 days.
SecurityStaying Safe from Ransomware
June 5, 2017

Staying Safe from Ransomware

On the 12th of May, news broke across the world of a major ransomware attack affecting thousands of computers and servers across the globe. Dubbed ‘WannaCry’, the attack utilised a…
BusinessQuotesCorrupt Windows Updates?
May 24, 2017

Corrupt Windows Updates?

Today's post is probably as much a rant as it is a blog. I was speaking with a client today who was advised by Lenovo Tech Support that they should…